Tree & Shrub Care Carmel IN

For reliable tree and shrub care in Carmel, Indiana, put your trust in the professional crew at Bee Green. Our team is certified and licensed through Purdue University and the Indiana State Chemist so you can expect incredible results when you utilize our services. If you have invested in landscaping or have trees and shrubs on your property that you want to keep strong and healthy, give Bee Green a call.

Tree and Shrub Care Treatments
We have a six application program to help your trees grow and thrive during the warmer months of the year and stay healthy during the cold winter months.
     • Treatment #1 – The first treatment takes place in the late-winter to early spring. We apply an horticultural dormant winter oil designed to target pests and              their eggs so that your trees can start off the year strong.

     • Treatments #2-#5 – These four treatments are designed to manage any insects that have the capability of causing damage to your trees and shrubs.                    Because different pests attack and lay eggs at different times, our applications are designed to target the insects most likely trying to harm your foliage.

     • Treatment #6 – The final treatment of the year occurs in the late fall and is a deep root feeding to promote root development and improve soil condition. Our        fertilizers also include beneficial Mycorrhizae fungus, seaweed extract, humates, and other important organic materials to encourage tree growth. This deep root feeding and direct injection into the root zone helps the tree store nutrients through winter for next growing season.

Tree Diseases and Insects
There are many kind of insects that can harm the trees. Our tree and shrub care program will help manage pests such as:
     • Japanese beetles
     • Lace bugs
     • Bagworms
     • Aphids
     • Sawflies

When you use Bee Green for your landscaping management, you will have a company that takes a scientific approach to plant health care. We are consistently learning the latest methods of tree care and have professionals who know how to take care of a variety of trees such as:
     • Arborvitaes
     • Norway spruces
     • Colorado blue spruce
     • Maple trees
     • Hawthornes
     • Crabapple trees

All of the various diseases that can plague these trees and other plants on your property will be properly managed so the exterior of your home can maintain its beauty and so you have great curb appeal.

Bee Green’s High Quality Service
At Bee Green, we will use our experience and training to ensure your trees and shrubs have every advantage to thrive and remain healthy. We guarantee our services; if you have any issues between applications that need to be addressed, we will come back to make things right. Our goal is for you to have an incredible exterior of the home that adds value and visual appeal.

When you invest in trees, shrubs and bushes, you should expect them to remain vibrant. When you use Bee Green for your plant healthcare, you will discover how beautiful your landscaping can be.

Give us a call and see why we have won the Haverstick Lawn of the Month on more than one occasion and with different properties. Contact Bee Green for your tree care in Carmel IN.