Perimeter Pest Control Carmel IN

If you want to keep the insects out of your house this year, contact Bee Green for reliable perimeter pest control. Our pest control program is designed to keep bugs from entering the house as well as making it safer and more comfortable to spend time outdoors. From perimeter pest control programs to keep ants from invading your house to sprays that will rid your eaves and gutters of wasps building nests, you can trust Bee Green to handle your insect problems.

Perimeter Pest Control Program
Our perimeter pest control program generally involves 4-5 treatments around the outside of the home in order to create a solid barrier. By spraying throughout the year, we consistently ensure that insects do not come into your home.

We will spray the base around the home as well as decks and patios to provide a proper defense against the pesky pests that are trying to enter your home. We also spray the entryways around the doors and under the eaves. Regardless of the insects or where they are located, we have the means of helping you enjoy a more comfortable life with minimal insects.

Some of the insects we target include:
     • Ants
     • Spiders
     • Wasps
     • Cockroaches

Additional Pest Control
We also can help minimize the level of mosquitoes on your property. Along with the itchy red spots that these annoying little insects can cause, they also are known to carry viruses such as the Zika Virus and West Nile Virus.

Be Green has a comprehensive flea and tick program as well to keep your pets safer when roaming around outside.

Keep your friends, family and pets safer and more comfortable when you use Bee Green for all of your pest control services.

Advantages of Perimeter Pest Control
There are many advantages of pest control. Keeping the insects out of your home where they can make their way through your kitchen cabinets or crawl across the floor causing you to shriek are some reasons but another great reason is that you will be introducing less chemicals into your home because there will not be a line of ants strolling that need to be sprayed.

When you do not have bugs you will not have to apply bug sprays anywhere inside the house.

Choosing Bee Green
No one wants any of the poisonous spiders found in the area creeping inside the home or even on the patio and aggressive wasps lingering under gutters and overhangs are extremely unpleasant so keep your home safe with Bee Green’s trustworthy pest control services.

Our technicians maintain their perimeter pest control licenses and continue credit hours in order to learn new technologies and what the environment is doing in the area. This will help us better treat the insects on your property and place down the most effective perimeter pest control.

When you call Bee Green, you will be able to keep your home free of insects and enjoy spending time outdoors. Contact us when you need dependable perimeter pest control services.