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Bee Green has been providing high quality lawn care to Zionsville IN residents for years. There are many residents in Zionsville who put the trust of their home’s lawn care and tree care in us. Whether it is mowing, lawn fertilization or even pest control, if you live in Zionsville, give us a call and see how we can help you have the lush lawn and flourishing foliage you deserve. Looking for a new lawn care company? Or have you recently moved into a new home and you want to get your grass up to par? Contact us to get started.

Zionsville Facts
Zionsville is a unique, older kind of town seeing consistent growth over the last few years. It boasts a small town feel while also having large rural areas with farms; especially horse farms. Zionsville is located in Boone County just 25 minutes north of Indianapolis and about 2 hours northwest of Cincinnati, OH. Zionsville is just above 10 square miles in size with a population of over 26,000. At the 2010 census, the population was just above 14,000 residents so this community is seeing considerable growth.

Zionsville History
Between the end of the 1700’s and the 1820’s, the Miami Native Americans had called the area around modern day Zionsville their home. Around the early 1820’s, settlers began moving westward and settling down in the central part of Indiana where they found abundant wilderness, no roads and no commerce. It was very soon after, in 1832, that Zionsville was first recognized as a settlement; although it had yet to adopt the name.

Over the next 60 years, this area along with the entirety of Boone County saw a massive population boom going from under 1,000 residents to well above 30,000 residents. Within this time, like many communities in Indiana, railway systems were promoted and towns were built to help drive the economy forward and offer stops along the way. One such man to promote the idea of constructing a town along the railway route was William Zion. Although it was originally going to be called Marysville after another founder’s wife, she declined, and the name was offered to Zion who accepted it.

From this point forward, the town very slowly grew and had only 1,857 in 1970. Each decade from then on the population would almost double in size each time a census was taken. In 2000, the population hovered 5,200. Today, it is over 5 times that many.

Main Street Zionsville
Zionsville, Indiana, has an amazing Main Street area filled with boutique stores, restaurants and seasonal festivals. The blocks of brick buildings has the village feel and historic charm that welcomes folks from all over wanting to experience a fun day shopping for gifts or a new wardrobe item, picking up fresh produce at the Zionsville Farmer’s Market, spending a night out at one of the dozens of restaurants or going to an event like the July 4th Fireworks.

Some of the most attended events in Zionsville are:
     • EGGnormous Egg Hunt
     • Brick Street Market
     • Lincoln Park Concert Series
     • Fall Festival
     • Christmas in the Village

With so much going on in Downtown Zionsville, do not spend your weekends trying to fertilize or mow the lawn, let the professionals at Bee Green take care of your grass for you.

Parks in Zionsville
If you love being outdoors, Zionsville is the place for you. There are over 400 acres of park area spread between 17 different parks. There are also nature trails and sanctuaries for when you want to escape the bustling life of this Indianapolis suburb. Some of the parks in Zionsville are:
     • Starkey Nature Park – Nestled along Eagle Creek along the southeast, Starkey Nature Park is 72 acres of park area perfect for picnics or hiking along one         of the eight trails.
     • Mulberry Fields – Lots of activities take place here which boasts a skate park, splash park, athletic fields, a sledding hill and even a farmstead.
     • Zionsville Trail Park – This park is ideal for the hikers, runners and bicyclists who want to get their exercise surrounded by natural beauty.

At Bee Green, we care greatly about the environment which is why we pride ourselves on providing lawn care with a conscious.

Zionsville Economy
Zionsville’s economy is driven by its local businesses found throughout the sprawling Main Street area. But along with these shops, restaurants and small businesses are some of the biggest employers in Boone County including:
     • Zionsville Meadows – A senior living community
     • Jet Star Inc. – A trucking company
     • Meijer

Zionsville residents are also approximately 25 minutes from Indianapolis, the state capital and largest city in Indiana, as well as home to three Fortune 500 companies:
     • Anthem Inc.
     • Eli Lilly
     • Simon Property Group

Bee Green Lawn Care in Zionsville
As the community continues to grow, there is a need for high quality and dependable lawn care, tree care and even pest control. While there are many lawn care companies to choose from, when you hire Bee Green, we will work hard to ensure you have the beautiful property you want. We have both traditional and organic fertilizer and we take a scientific approach to maintaining your lawn and landscaping. This means more effective methods from highly trained and professional experts.

Show off the beauty of your home with the help of Bee Green.