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For high quality and professional lawn care in Noblesville, call Bee Green. We provide lawn care with a conscious and we approach each one of our customers’ home thinking about how to make the lawn, trees and shrubs flourish while also having as little impact with our fertilizers and other chemicals as possible on the environment. For instance, we do not blanket spray for weed control, we target them specifically and use as little chemicals as possible so you can feel safe playing in the yard with your family and pets. At Bee Green, we also offer perimeter pest control in Noblesville so that you will not have to be bothered by ants, spiders and other insects invading your home.

Contact Bee Green to enjoy a beautiful lawn and thriving landscaping.

Noblesville Facts
Noblesville IN is the county seat of Hamilton County and is a suburb of Indianapolis. Noblesville is 32.79 square miles in size with a population of approximately 55,000 residents. Residents in Noblesville are about 1 hour 45 minutes from Fort Wayne to the north and Terre Haute to the west. This city continues to grow considerable having ranked the 14th largest city in the state of Indiana in the 2010 census which was up from 19th just three years prior in 2007.

Noblesville History
Noblesville’s history coincides with that of Hamilton County. The first settle in the area, William Conner, established a trading post at the very beginning of the 19th century. In 1823, five years after the government purchased the land of Hamilton County and the surrounding areas from the Native Americans, Conner along with another gentleman, created the plans for what is now considered downtown Noblesville. The name Noblesville originates from John Noble who was one of the first two senators from the state of Indiana.

During the latter part of the 19th century, during the Indiana gas boom, Noblesville witnessed a considerable increase in its population. Folks steadily came to Noblesville over the decades but the biggest increase came at the turn of the 21st century when the population nearly doubled from approximately 28,000 to over 51,000 between 2000 and 2010.

Downtown Noblesville
Galleries, restaurants, boutique shops, bars, clubs and so much more makes Downtown Noblesville a hot spot for folks in and around the Indianapolis area. Complete with historic charm, a relaxing atmosphere and modern conveniences, the downtown area continues to be a major economic force in Noblesville.

There are many great attractions to discover in Downtown Noblesville including:
     • Potter’s Bridge – This 30-acre park is home to Hamilton County’s only covered bridge and stretches across the White River.
     • Hamilton County Courthouse on Noblesville Square – This old courthouse is a nationally registered historic place and served as the county courthouse for            almost 125 years.
     • Morse Beach – When the weather is warm, come check out Morse Beach where you can swim, enjoy a picnic, let the kids roam around on the playgrounds, play volleyball court, fish and more.

Noblesville Economy
Noblesville promotes a strong business environment and strives to nurture business growth. The major private employers in Noblesville vary in specialties and include:
     • SMC Corporation of America – Manufactures pneumatic automation products
     • Ambu, Inc. – Manufacturer of anesthesia/respiratory care products
     • Helmer Scientific – Designs and manufactures refrigerated lab equipment
     • Ryan Fireprotection, Inc. – Designs and installs custom fire protection systems
     • Industrial Dielectrics, Inc. - Engineers thermoset plastic compounds, laminates and parts

Noblesville also has many public employers for a variety of civic services. The major public employers in Noblesville are:
     • Noblesville Schools
     • Riverview Health
     • Hamilton County
     • The City of Noblesville
     • Hamilton East Public Library

On top of the thriving businesses in Noblesville, the city of Indianapolis is home to three Fortune 500 companies and thousands of other great businesses.

Whether you are commuting down the street or to downtown Indianapolis, coming home to a beautiful home with gorgeous green grass and flourishing landscaping is a welcomed sight. At Bee Green, we can make the exterior of your home maintain its curb appeal so your home continues to have a good property value. Call us to learn more about our scientific approach to lawn care and plant health care.

Noblesville Schools
The Noblesville Schools educates over 10,000 students across the city. Noblesville Schools ensures that the children in the community receive a great education. Within the district there are:
     • 5 elementary schools
     • 2 middle schools
     • 1 high school

Lawn Care in Noblesville
For excellent lawn care service, contact Bee Green. We are an honest company committed to providing the highest level of service with the goal of complete customer satisfaction. A few of our most sought after services include:
     • Mowing
     • Traditional and organic lawn fertilization
     • Core aeration and overseeding
     • Weed control
     • Plant health care
     • Perimeter pest control

Call Bee Green and see how we can help you maintain the beauty of your home.