Lawn Care Carmel IN

Serving Carmel IN with a high level of lawn care, our crew at Bee Green has the experience, training and skills to fully utilize our comprehensive lawn care program to ensure your grass and turf remain healthy and vibrant. Whether we are using traditional fertilizer or organic fertilizer, we always have the environment in mind and fully use our training to have a minimal impact on the overall environment while still guaranteeing you are seeing the results you want with your lawn.

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We are familiar with the various grasses used for lawns in and around Carmel, Indiana. You can rely on our lawn care services to help manage your:
     •    Bluegrass – This deep blue grass is a favorite. We find that many folks love this soft, beautiful type of grass.
     •    Perennial Ryegrass – This soft grass is found most in moderate climates and is considered a cool-season grass.
     •    Fescue – The Fescue grass is a well-rounded and fairly drought-resistant type of grass. We have found that this species has the least amount of issues of the three whether it is combatting climate change, droughts, diseases or insects. 

Lawn Care Program
There are 6 treatments spread out throughout the year to help the grass grow and manage weeds and crab grass.
      •    Lawn Treatment #1 – In the early-spring we use a specially formulated, slow release granular fertilizer blended with pre-emergent weed control. The goal              is to help the grass come out of its winter dormancy and promote new growth. This treatment also targets crabgrass and other weed seed germination to             minimize the onslaught of weeds.

     •    Lawn Treatment #2 – In the late spring, we will use a specially formulated granular fertilizer to promote and maintain the growth and color of the turf.                     Included is weed control which targets broadleaf weeds and weeds known to thrive in the spring such as Dandelion, Black Medic, Plantain and others. At             this time we begin monitoring the lawn for diseases and pests. 

     •    Lawn Treatment #3 – This application takes place in the summer and uses our granular fertilizer combined with broadleaf weed control. We will keep a                 sharp eye on your lawn and inspect for grubs, sod web worms and chinch bugs which could reduce the grass’s integrity, turn it brown and even kill it.                     Because lawn disease is active in the summer we will monitor and recommend corrective measures, if necessary.

     •    Lawn Treatment #4 - This late-summer application uses granular, slow release fertilizer along with treating broadleaf weeds where needed. Monitoring                 continues for grubs and sod web worms as they are most prevalent this time of year.

     •    Lawn Treatment #5 – In the fall, we use a specially formulated granular fertilization for preparing turf for the fall season. Cool season weeds begin to                     reappear so we will treat as needed. At this time, grubs and sod web worm damage is more visible. If we see this, we would recommend a special                         treatment to rid your lawn of these invasive insects.

     •    Lawn Treatment #6 – This final treatment of the year takes place in the late fall and includes specially formulated granular fertilization. The goal is to                     promote root growth and to help prepare the turf for its winter dormancy. Any persistent late season broadleaf weeds will also be treated.

Traditional Lawn Care
Our traditional lawn care includes a slow release fertilizer with the appropriate level of nutrients for your turf type based on the area, soil and conditions. All of our slow release fertilizers are high end and mixed to ensure maximum results; we do not use the cheap stuff.

Organic Lawn Care
Our exclusive organic fertilizer is food grade, and safe for pets, kids and the environment. The organic fertilizer we use produces no phosphates and little nitrogen so water supplies and the earth around the property are always as safe as possible.

Weed Control
Used in coordination with our lawn care program, our weed control is fast acting. We take the approach of using very little weed control and only use it as needed because we do not want to put more chemicals down than necessary. Some of the persistent weeds found near Carmel, IN include:
     • Dandelions
     • White clovers
     • Black Medic
     • Speedwell
     • Chickweed

Whichever weeds are popping up in your lawn, you can expect Bee Green will take care of them for you.

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding
We recommend you aerate your lawn every year. The clay-based soil in our area can get compacted which restricts the amount of nutrients, water and air that can reach the root. By investing in a lawn aeration service there were will be reduced compaction and less thatch which helps your roots extend, grow and help the grass remain healthy and strong. After aeration, overseeding can help thicken up the turf or take care of the areas that may have been neglected.

The ideal time for core aeration is in the fall. 

Choose Bee Green
When you combine customer service with a scientific approach to lawn care, you get a beautiful lawn that grows strong and looks incredible.

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