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When you want high quality lawn care in Carmel IN give Bee Green a call. We like to say we are a lawn care company with a conscious because we provide a high level of lawn services while using the latest methods to ensure minimal impact on the environment. From our lawn fertilizer service to our plant health care, we will help you have the beautiful green lawn you deserve.

At Bee Green, we offer:
     •    Lawn Care
     •    Tree and Shrub Care
     •    Perimeter Pest Control

If you are searching for lawn fertilizer companies who will be honest about expectations or a pest control company to help make spending time outdoors safer and more comfortable, contact Bee Green today.

Our services include:
     •    Organic and traditional lawn care
     •    Tree and shrub care
     •    Pest control including fleas and ticks
     •    Mosquito control
     •    Mole control
     •    Disease management of turf and plants
     •    Mowing

Lawn Care
If you are searching for lawn care services near me and you live in the Carmel IN area, give Bee Green a call. Our lawn service in Carmel IN includes a six treatment program with a high end slow release fertilizer to ensure the correct nutrients are reaching the roots and will help the grass grow strong and healthy while also maintaining a beautiful green look.

Another type of lawn fertilizer service we provide is our organic fertilization. Not only is it safe for pets and kids but it is good on the environment as well. You can even safely ingest it; however, we would not recommend doing so.

Just like other lawn fertilizer companies, we provide weed control services. Ours is a little different and designed with both your lawn and the environment in mind. As part of the lawn care program, we use a fast acting product that will target the weed and take care of it. We do not blanket spray or use more than necessary because we want to ensure a minimal amount of chemicals are seeping into the ground.

Lawn Aeration Service
We highly recommend having your lawn aerated once a year to keep your grass healthy and allow more nutrients to reach the roots in order to help them extend and thrive. When you combine our lawn aeration service with overseeding, you are sure to have a full, thick and consistent looking lawn that is free of bare spots.

Tree and Shrub Care
Just like the program for lawn care in Carmel IN, at Bee Green, our tree and shrub care uses six treatments to maximize insect and disease prevention while also promoting health and vitality. Not every year is the same and because weather patterns and temperatures vary, we will provide the tree care based on an insect’s life cycle and wisely choose our dates so that your trees and shrubs get the full benefit of the program and so you are getting the best results.

Perimeter Pest Control
With a beautiful lawn and healthy trees and shrubs it is only natural that you would want to spend time outdoors. Insects can make those evenings outside with friends unenjoyable. With our perimeter pest control treatments and mosquito control, we will spray around the house and create a barrier to prevent insects from making it inside your house. This service will also minimize the amount of insects near the home including wasps that may try building a nest under the eaves or poisonous spiders. If you want pest control services with your lawn care, give Bee Green a call.

Bee Green Certification
At Bee Green, our crew is always up to date on their certifications. We receive our certifications and licenses through both Purdue University and the Indiana State Chemist. These certifications and licenses include:
     • Turf applicator license
     • Tree and shrub applicator license
     • Perimeter pest control license

Constant Learning
As we continue to build our credit hours, we are constantly learning about new technologies and what changes the environment is going through in our area. On top of that, we independently like to research the soil, turf and plants to know what nutrients and what care is needed to ensure our customers are receiving the full benefit of our lawn fertilizer service. We find that taking a scientific approach makes us unique as compared to other lawn fertilizer companies out there. Continuous learning is just one way Bee Green is able to deliver what we promise.

Lawn Care Products
At Bee Green, we take the environment seriously. We are happy to offer organic fertilizer in a liquid form. By utilizing beneficial bacteria, kelp and seaweed extracts, and other natural elements, we can provide nutrients which are best able to help your lawn thrive and keep the environment around your home in great condition.

About Bee Green
At Bee Green, we stand by our service. If you are not happy we will make it right even if it involves making service calls between treatments. If you are not satisfied, these additional service calls will not show up on your bill. Our work is guaranteed.

Bee Green has also received the following honors for our work:
     • Angie’s List Super Service Award 2015
     • Angie’s List Super Service Award 2016
     • Haverstick Lawn of the Month – We have won this accolade a few times on a few different properties

The folks at Bee Green like being part of the community and we have sponsored many causes over the years such as Ovar’Coming Together which helps raise awareness and money in the fight against ovarian cancer. We also help disabled veterans with maintenance around the home at no charge. It is our way of showing we care about the community.

If you are searching the internet for lawn care services near me, give Bee Green a call. Since 2001, we have been providing lawn service in Carmel IN and would love to show what we can do for you.